A Day in the Life of a Web Project Manager

Posted by admin on October 29, 2013

I once heard a story about a former emergency room nurse, who said the stress of being a web project manager, was more than being an ER nurse.  Here is what she had to say about the differences.

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From SEO to Content Marketing

Posted by admin on June 24, 2013

Content marketing is the new buzzword it seems for 2013, but it's nothing that I haven't been doing for the last several years.  In fact, when I first began working for IMI, I had a great discussion with one of the SEO project managers about how I was able to rank for some relatively difficult terms with a decent site that had very good content.

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Wait, I thought WordPress was free...

Posted by admin on May 3, 2012

I've spent the last three weeks building out a "quick" ecommerce site built on WordPress.  Normally I wouldn't recomend WordPress for and ecomerce site, but it was a client requirement and seemed like a decent solution on the first review.

I didn't have a problem with a $40 upgrade to a "gold" version of the cart, it would come with full support which I can see being worthwhile.  What was unfortunate is that the regular version of the cart wouldn't support multiple images for each product.  That was a shame.

What I ended up purchasing -

  • Gold Cart Upgrade
  • Fedex shipping plugin
  • Related Product plugin
  • Product Import plugin
  • product options plugin

The worst part about this - I had to purchase from 3 different vendors, each with different payment systems and delivery methods.  Some had instructions, some had none.  Some offered support, some didn't.

When I look at Concrete5, I see that although there are some components that would still cost, I feel more comfortable with the support system, delivery method and overall ease of purchase.

With Drupal, all of the basic components are free.  In order to do some of the advanced featuers, there is a module that can either be adapted, or you could use views to make it work.

Doing this over, I would have chosen a solution like Magento, something specifically made for ecommerce with all of these features standard in the open source offering.

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Knowing Which CMS is Right For You

Posted by admin on April 11, 2012

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Step By Step Install Instructions For Concrete5

Posted by admin on February 17, 2012

I've put together a step by step guide on how I quickly install Concrete5 using a simple PHP script and cPanel.

Concrete5 Code Snippets

Posted by admin on November 19, 2011

I've put together a selection of commonly needed code snippets that I found are useful to have around.  Many can be found at:




I'm putting this together with the ones I use most often, as a point of reference for myself and for others.

Most of the code is borrowed from the above sites, or from various docs / forum posts on http://concrete5.org

Search Engine Optimization Works

Posted by admin on November 5, 2011

The client came to me wanting to get a boost to his traffic by optmizing his website.


We analyzed his traffic through Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.  We also used an SEO web positioning report to determine how he ranked prior to our optimization.

When was the last time you were excited about a CMS?

Posted by admin on October 11, 2011

Photoxpress_1906229.jpgI've spent over a year working with Concrete5, but until recently, I haven't done anything more than the basic website.
From Joomla to Drupal to even Wordpress, I never found the basic site so quick to develop than with Concrete5.

Concrete5 vs Joomla! vs Drupal vs Wordpress

Posted by admin on October 2, 2011

This blog post is something I've wanted to put together for a while.  I tried to compare Concrete5 with Drupal in a previous post, but I wanted to include Joomla and Wordpress and make the comparison a little more detailed and organized.  I'll start by taking a developer's prospective, a developer prospective, then a client prospective.  

Please comment on what you think can be added, especially as versions and features change.

The versions I will be comparing:

Concrete5 (The most recent as of the writing of this article)
Drupal 6.22 (Ver 7.8 is the lastest, however I've not used it as much as 6)
Joomla! 1.5 (1.7 is currently available, however the site I've done most work on is still on 1.5)
Wordpress 3.2.1 (The most recent as of the writing of this article)

First Steps in Creating a Concrete5 Website

Posted by admin on September 29, 2011

Concrete5's standard installation pretty much covers me with all the basic functionality I need to create a website without any major modifications.  This is in contrast to Drupal 6.  I have not used Drupal 7 enough to expand on the changes they have made, but from what I could tell, there were still some "standard" features not available at install.

That doesn't mean there aren't a few things I do to every install to make it ready for build-out.  This Blog post will be a living post, updated as I find new things to include as I dig deaper into the system and as I have more projects based on the CMS.

How To Theme for Concrete5

Posted by admin on February 18, 2011


Template Areas: Each area on your template is divided among "areas" where you can add different blocks.  These block can be anything from navigation to YouTube videos.

Page Types: There is a default page type, which your pages will automatically default to... I suggest having the following types (yours will vary depending on the type of sub-pages you plan)

  1. Home Page
  2. Full Page
  3. Left Sidebar or Right Sidebar

VPS for Concrete5 How To

Posted by admin on December 10, 2010

  1. What does Concrete5 need to run?
  2. What hosting company did I end up using?
  3. Installing software!!!  it's not point and click, but close!
  4. Final thoughts - how's the speed?

What does Concrete5 need to run?

  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP ***
  • GD (2)
  • Curl

Note - I'm sure there is a more exhaustive list, and I'll do my best to update this to be more accurate, but you should see the basic requirements when doing the first install.

Concrete5 Vs. Drupal 6

Posted by admin on November 9, 2010

  • What's easier about either?
  • What's different about building for them?
  • How could you help someone else with the learning curve?
  • How would you compare the core feature set?

I’ve been in web development for nearly 10 years. In the last 2 years, I’ve started to work within open source content management systems. In the past, I had created my own CMS, more as a learning tool than anything, but soon realized the inherent drawbacks to having to custom created CMS for each client.

*** Update 10/2011 ***

As I wrote this post over a year ago, and my experience with Concrete5 (as well as its maturity) have grown, I've found that some of the information is out of date or incorrect.

I've started a new blog post where I am trying to side by side the pros and cons a little more intuitively and efficiently.  

See the Concrete5 vs Joomla! vs Wordpress vs Drupal.

Working Until The Sun Comes Up

Posted by admin on October 27, 2010

I remember the feeling of accomplishment as I would finish my work, walk outside and see the sun rise.

That was pretty much college.  Long nights of studying or editing.  

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Hello World!

Posted by admin on October 26, 2010

First Post.

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