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Posted by admin on November 5, 2011

The client came to me wanting to get a boost to his traffic by optmizing his website.


We analyzed his traffic through Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.  We also used an SEO web positioning report to determine how he ranked prior to our optimization.


  • Analysis
  • Code Optimization
  • Content Update


We gathered data from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.  We looked to see where the site was ranking well and where it was struggling.  We utilized A Web Position report in order to lock down the Search Engine Ranking Position.

Code Optmization:

We analyzed the site's code.  After optimizing the structure of some of the addons, we were able to decrease load time by several seconds.  We also updated the code to utilize H tags for headings.

Content Update:

The content on the site itself was adequate.  We added content to each of the pages to boost the keyword frequency and to make it more apparent to the visitor what to expect on the rest of the page.


(All results are October 2011 compared to August 2011)

Within 30 days we started to see results.  Within 60 days we started seeing an incredible amount of increased traffic, pageviews and time on site.

Monthly Visits: Increase from 1,304 to 5,204 (299%)

Monthly Pageviews: Increase from 2,298 to 13,906 (505%)

Bounce Rate: Decreased from 77.84% to 65.37% (-16%)

Average Time on Site: Increased from 1:09 to 2:01 (75%)

Monthly Traffic from Organic Google Source: Increased from 812 to 3,057 (276%)

The results speak for themselves.  The targeted pages saw an average of double digit increases in traffic with on of their key pages they wanted to increase traffic to with an increase of 4,564% (31 visits/ month increased to 1,446 visits / month)

Our client is very happy, and has decided, with the added traffic, to add an ecommerce section to the site to take advantage of all the new visitors.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about what we did, and how I can help you!