Wait, I thought WordPress was free...

Posted by admin on May 3, 2012

I've spent the last three weeks building out a "quick" ecommerce site built on WordPress.  Normally I wouldn't recomend WordPress for and ecomerce site, but it was a client requirement and seemed like a decent solution on the first review.

I didn't have a problem with a $40 upgrade to a "gold" version of the cart, it would come with full support which I can see being worthwhile.  What was unfortunate is that the regular version of the cart wouldn't support multiple images for each product.  That was a shame.

What I ended up purchasing -

  • Gold Cart Upgrade
  • Fedex shipping plugin
  • Related Product plugin
  • Product Import plugin
  • product options plugin

The worst part about this - I had to purchase from 3 different vendors, each with different payment systems and delivery methods.  Some had instructions, some had none.  Some offered support, some didn't.

When I look at Concrete5, I see that although there are some components that would still cost, I feel more comfortable with the support system, delivery method and overall ease of purchase.

With Drupal, all of the basic components are free.  In order to do some of the advanced featuers, there is a module that can either be adapted, or you could use views to make it work.

Doing this over, I would have chosen a solution like Magento, something specifically made for ecommerce with all of these features standard in the open source offering.


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interesting, I agree . . .
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