Web Design

There are many steps involved in proper website being created.

  • Discovery
    • Asking questions
    • learning your brand
    • finding out what your business goals are, and how we can meet them
    • Analysing your current marketing efforts and what your competitors in and out of your industry are doing.
  • Detail
    • We document and analyse in this phase.  It goes hand in hand with the discovery phase.
    • We create the wireframes and sitemaps in this phase, giving you a high level view of what the layout will look like and how the user will interact with it.
  • Design
    • The look and feel at this point is being defined.  
    • Layouts are being designed in photoshop.
    • There may be several rounds of revisions, and it's a critical junction to making sure everything is in order before moving to the next phase.
  • Development
    • We turn a static graphic image, into an interactive site.
    • Depending on the complexity of the website, this phase can take between days, weeks or even months.
  • Deployment
    • Moving the website onto a public server, testing and finally setting it live.
  • Debrief
    • After the site is live, we debrief you.  What you need to know to keep the site up to date and secure, and even how to make updates to the site as needed.

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